Turkey Alfredo

Time to use up you leftovers from Thanksgiving!

Tried my best not to eat it all gone before posting -- it is soooooooo good!

You will need:

1 1/2 cups shredded/cut up turkey {I used meat from an entire wing}
1 medium onion, diced
3T butter
Bottle of Alfredo sauce or homemade
1 cup milk
Garlic {I use Garlic Garni}
Box of pasta noodles {shells! tubs, rotini, or bow ties work well}

Cook the noodles al dente - it will cook a bit more later.  Add salt to water - I did not add oil because the sauce is a dairy product and I felt it would clash a bit.  I did however add some garlic garne to the water.  DO NOT SKIP THIS PART - it is the only time you will be able to flavor the pasta itself .... You will use less salt per serving doing it here than on top of the sauce later!

Melt nutter & sauté the onion stirring frequently.  Add in meat and heat through.
Pour in sauce stirring well to coat all pieces of meat.  Heat until it begins to bubble - meanwhile pour milk into sauce bottle, replace lid and shake to the rest of the sauce - pour into sauce stirring well, again bring to bubbles.

Add garlic & spices as desired.

Carefully add the noodles in batches - stirring after each addition so each noodle gets coated and sauce runs through any creates or tubes your pasta might have.
Heat until sauce bubbles a bit and rehears the noodles.

Serve ... We fed 4 people

You could add either peas and/or mushrooms during the onion stage to add a bit more flavor & texture ... If you are using dehydrated mushrooms, it's best to add them to the pasta when it's cooking up - the exture will be different, and they won't be sautéed but they will taste really good too!

You can also top with Parmesan or Romano cheeses.

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Not sure the family liked it ... The kids ate it all so there's no left overs

Guess the kids didn't want to eat it a second day in a row 


O they really liked it ... Everyone got some seconds ... Even though the box said it had enough pasta for 8 people, it barely fed 4!

Will I do this again?

Yup ... Next time I'll have to make my homemade sauce -- this time I had a bottle of pre-made.

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