Thanksgiving Turkey

I am not using the crock today – I am using my roaster oven!

We brined three birds yesterday for total of 50 pounds of bird

It's a very simple recipe:

3 quarts water
2 pounds kosher salt
2 quarts chicken stock
3 pounds honey
Spices, if desired 

Bring the water to a boil and add in the salt stirring until completely dissolved
Next put in the chicken stock and honey - you may need to use some of the hot water to get all the money in, but make sure you get it all
You can add whatever space you like at this point
Boil for 10 to 15 minutes
Turn off heat, remove from stove and cool as quick as possible

Place your bird breast side down legs pointing up in a cooler
Poor cool brine on top
Add additional water until bird is completely submerged
Top with 4 to 6 cups of ice
Close cooler – put in cool spot over night

The next morning before you cook your bird
Drain your brine off the bird, removing any remaining ice first
Rinse the outside and inside of your birds – if you do not do this you breed will taste way too salty

We have found this is a very moist bird even days after it has been cooked

<@3. <@3. <@3. <@3. <@3. <@3. <@3. (Turkey heads)

From here varies

My husband likes to smoke is birds in the smoker

I preferred the roaster -- but only because I think smoked meat tastes like ham

I will post a photo of my bird in the roaster later, right now my iPad is charging - maybe I will put my blogging app on the phone and use its camera

Roasted turkey

One brined turkey (small enough to fit your roaster but big enough to feed a crowd – mine is about 20 pounds) 
Olive oil
Aluminum foil
One roaster (mine is electric)

first start by lining your roaster with aluminum for oil for easier cleanup - I mean coverage everywhere

Play some aluminum four wheel on your counter/butcher block where you will be preparing your bird

Pop your bird on that foil and give it a good rub with olive oil - give everything a really good massage - pretend the bird is at a spa

Using your fingers carefully get between the breast and the skin – do not separate the skin from the breastbone part though - you want to clean the two breasts

Under the skin and next to the breast meat place cubes of butter – not too thick not too thin ... Tablespoon slices are too thick teaspoons laces are a tad then

Sometimes I like to slip whole cloves in this area as well – it gives it a wonderful garlicky taste, but the garlic practically melts into the bird so you don't have to worry about getting a big bite of garlic when you are eating it

Now take your spices that you want to put on the outside of your bird – this time I used brown sugar bourbon Rob (from Grill mates)

Cover the outside of the skin everywhere where you are going to eat the meat - I start on the underside of the turkey then turn it over and do the breast side

Don't forget to season the inside of the cavity as well

Put your turkey inside of your roaster now - breast side up

And crank that heat up to 500°F or as high as it will go

Cook for one half hour

Place some tinfoil or silicon sheet on top of bird, to keep it from sticking to your roasting pan, if you needed

Turn the heat down to 325–350°F 

Bake until breast temperature reaches 160°F, then cook 1 hour more

Then turn off heat, let said half hour in covered roaster

Carefully remove

Eat bird

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