I know it's been a looooooong time since I posted anything .... Because I haven't done anything new in my Crock Pots, to tell the truth ... How many times can I post "made a chicken" or "just soup" .... But more on that later ..
Right now it's TRIVIA TIME!!!!!
In America (USA) what is the top five pies? 
</b> </u> </blockquote> 
Any guesses?

I wonder if you can make a pie in a crock pot? Not just the filling but an actual pie ... Hmmmm..,.. Something to work on ...

I asked my husband and her got the first one, but then guessed French Silk, his personal favorite ...

When I told him that it didn't even make the list ... He shooed me away saying I was just talking nonsense now and he wasn't going to allow it ...

Hubby does love his French Silk Pie ...

If you've never had it before .... Imagine creamy chocolate mousse or the fluffiest chocolate pudding ever made then mixed with whipped cream piled high in a pie shell and topped with even more whipped cream ... 

The chocoholic in me goes YUM ... The mom in me thinks "belly ache in a crust" .... They are very good .... But not my favorite.

My eldest daughter, when she was a youngun' , didn't like cake, liked frosting but hated cake ... even cupcakes were just scalped ... So she would get a birthday PIE every year.

Her favorite was a Cherry-Apple pie ... A mix of both fresh cut apples & cherry pie filling topped with cinnamon sugar & butter on the top crust ... Well it's a bit more than that but you get the idea.  She LOVED it ... Would ask for her Birthday Pie all the time when we'd go to Bakers Square {when they first came to our state they were Poppin' Fresh, oooo they had good pie back then} but no place understood what she meant.  I finally had to tell her that it's a pie only mama makes and even then it's only for her birthday.

Damn .... Now I want Beccas Pie!

My Eldest, loved Blueberry Pie ... Actually he liked blueberry anything!  When he was about 2 1/2 yrs old my parents took us for dinner at a rather fancy restruant -- white table clothes, water goblets, and a dessert tray that was brought around at the end of the meal.

Ken, being Ken, looked over the tray and briskly poked his finger into the Blueberry Cheesecake offering on the tray ... And that was when his love of blueberries began!  He hadn't even had a blueberry muffin yet and here he was munching off the fruit on the top of a cheesecake.  

My two youngest kids don't really have a preference in pies ... They just eat what they eat ...

Although I think my youngest is getting a likening for both Turtle Pie & French Silk pie

James ... Well he's James ... He will eat whatever get put in front of him, but he isn't really into too many sweets.  He's got a touchy tummy, so I think that keeps him iffy on a lot of food choices.

Okay ...

I think I've delayed long enough

So what are <b>THE TOP 5 PIES IN THE USA? </b> 

<b> #1 - Apple, of course </b> 

2. strawberry-Rhubarb
3. pumpkin
4. Cherry
5. Blueberry
But you know what <u> ruins </u> a pie for me? 


If you use too much nutmeg it just overwhelms the pie .... I like nutmeg but only in small quantities.

My daughter has a friend who's allergic to cinnamon ... I could not eat regular (non-whipped/meringue) pies without connamon .... 

Actually I could not live without cinnamon .... Or mushrooms - love me shrooms! If only I could figure out a Shroom Pie .... But I suppose if they can make Onion Pie & Tomato pie, Shroom pie isn't that far behind 


That's all I'm saying!

{in case it didn't show up:
(Mushroom) + (pie) (leads too) (heaven)!}

But still .... Not one of the top five ... Because I haven't invented it yet!

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