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Okay ... So on Tuesdays I will put up a soup/stew recipe or possibly one for an accompanying sandwich/bread offering, or whatever goes with the soup/stew if I just use a can .... maybe even "sprucing up"s that I've added to the soup when i do it.

Again, I just am not using the crock pot at the moment ... So I will likely be using my enameled cast-iron pots ...

I have been amazed lately by another blog from the UK .... It's about food ... and weight loss ... and rationing of the 1940s

It's called The 1940s Experiment

The gal has done what women all over the USA wish they could do - lose nearly 100 pounds in one year!

Now granted, the rations for people in England/UK during World War 2 were damned meager ... Such as 1 egg, 2Tablespoons of butter/margarine (and we're talking the super yucky stuff here), 1/2 pound of meat, 4 strips of bacon ... and all this for ONE WEEK ... IF AND ONLY IF your local grocer had enough supplies to last until you got done standing in line! 

I though it was bad standing in line for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to pay for my college courses or standing in line to sign up -- kids have no idea how easy they have it these days, they can do it all on the computer via credit card or autowithdrawl/deposit of their student loans -- but we are talking lines which rival Black Friday sales in the USA ...

Line up the day before so you can get in the first few spots so you know you will be able to get what you need ... Only I'm betting they didn't have people getting trampled for a pound of sugar like they do for cheap TVs here ... 

And if you didn't get there early enough the shelves were empty ...

I remember watching the news in the 1970s of the crisis they had in Russia with bread ... I don't remember why there was no bread on the shelves but I remember seeing news clips of people grabbing up all they could ... I remember when the USSR finally implemented rationing on bread ...

I couldn't imagine living like that.  I used to watch the news on the little portable </b>&aw TV on our front porch, surrounded by moms porch swing, the roller press, and the rocker dad had made from a kit for her for their anniversary (just shy of 30 years at that time, they were married for nearly 60 years when mom passed in 2004) my Barbie toys scattered around ...

I can't even marine NOW living on the meager UK rations from the beginning of WW2 much less the even fewer ones at the end of the War!

But this gal did it ... In fact, it sounds like she is STILL doing it, but with a vegan flare to it!  Makes me kinda shutter at the use of TVP (textured vegetable protein) - we had it when we were participating in FareShare/Fare-For-All in the 1980s-1990s  ... It was horrid stuff - they said if you used it in things like spaghetti sauce or chili, beef or chicken gravy that it would pick up the flavors of those items and taste/feel just like ground meat in your mouth ... Oh HELL NO!! It was horrid crap ... These days I'd feed it to the dog or the chickens, but at the time we gave it away ... Insert shutter here.  Yuk

BUT she is an inspiration ... 

I have to lose  ... No ... I WANT to lose about 50-100 pounds by next year when my son is planning on getting married.

I'm hoping soup night will help ... And perhaps even replace one or two meals a week with rationed meals.  But ... I can't see me giving up my fast food -- I'm addicted to French fries, I admit it. Rather they are fried or baked, I must have them at least once a week!  

So here's the new emphasis for my kitchen:

Tuesday: soup/stew plus extra
One or two meals a week on ration diet
Weight loss is the goal (preferably without extra physical training, I don't keep that part up at all)

Not sure if I will post my weight on here yet or not ... Although it would keep me motivated ... But do I really want to put out there when I fail or crash & burn?  After all this is NOT supposed to be the main concept of this blog, just a side note.

I will have to think about it.

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