Burger Rice Hotdish

TAnother stovetop dish that can easily be converted for the crockpot .... and I used dehydrated veggies from food to rage/pantry so it's good for camping trips too

1# ground beef (I used 90% lean, so I did not drain later)
1/2C dehydrated onion
2/3 - 3/4C dehydrated carrots
1 can peas (1pt jar of home canned can also be used)
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
Rice (I prefer Minute Rice, but any will do it will just effect cooking time)

1)Brown meat
2)add dried onions to meat towards end of browning, let cook a while
3)add peas, including liquid in the can, add another can of water
4)add carrots.  Bring to boil, when reached reduce heat & cover. Simmer 29 minutes.
5)add ONE can of soup, mix well making sure all clumps are gone.
7)stir in rice. With Minute Rice I turned off the heat & let it sit for 10 minutes.  Fluff with fork.
8)after rice is cooked, add lest can of soup ... This will keep it more gravy-like & not absorbed by the rice.

If you use other rice, increase the water according to rice instructions ... increase cook time as necessary.

1)brown meat first, but don't "crisp" it just get the pink out.  Place in crock
2)add veggies, using a little extra water.
3)add one can soup  
3b) if using long cooking rice add it now, if using quick rice add later
4)set to low cook 6-8hrs /OR/ set to high cook 2 - 4 hrs
5a) if using quick cooking rice add 1/2 hour before serving.
5) Fluff rice, top with other can of soup.  Let set 10 minutes.


Makes approximently 4- 1cup servings .... I had my oldest daughter home for dinner, so a couple slices of buttered bread stretched it out nicely :-)

If you add stressed cheese, you could make a cheeseburger version of this dish, perhaps even exchange one of the soups for cheese soup.

My family like bed it, no left overs at all!

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