Sweet & Sour Sausage & Rice

Well, I hurt my hip this weekend… Phonebooks do not belong on the bottom stairs… And I should not walk down the stairs with the lights off!

Anyways… My hips a little sore to stand on so quick meal is the best way to go

2 Italian sausages
1 lg onion, diced

Split the skin of the sausage and remove the meat from within, crumbling into your pan over medium heat and begin to cook your sausage until it begins to turn brown. Add your onion and cook until onion is soft. 

Sweet & Sour. Sauce
Cranberry sauce
Apple cider vinegar
One couple water
Pineapple in juice
Brown sugar
Seasoned salt
Garlic Garni
Onion powder
Corn starch

Add a few tablespoons of cranberry sauce to the pan, stirring to incorporate and melt.  Once melted add the Apple cider vinegar, somewhere between a quarter cup to a half cups worth.  Simmer for 20 minutes.

Add the pineapple and the juice ... Now is the time to add your spices – taste your sauce see what it needs and in your desired amount of the three spices listed

I'm feeding children – so this is a very sweet sweet-and-sour sauce
If you want want little more sour sauce drain your pineapple

Make a slurry with two heaping fork foals of cornstarch and about a cup of water, stir into your simmering sauce.

When the sauce becomes clear and thickened turn off your heat.

Serve over rice

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Add fresh vegetables to the sauce during the 20 minute simmering time:
iPhone carrots and peppers for a good combination
You can also try:
Sweet peas
Snap beans

- - - - - - - - - - 

Makes enough to feed at least 5 people

The kids liked it quite a bit ... 

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