To Refrigerate Or Not

It's been a long time since I've posted (not a lot of crocking going on lately) but thought I'd share this foodie information

Tomatoes: putting in the fridge slows down ripening - so if you want a fuller taste do NOT refrigerate it

Apples - soften twice as fast at 40•F than they do at 32•F so they recommend refrigerating them ... but they don't mention that 32F is FREEZING so the apples are solid - duh

Bread - will last a week longer if refrigerated but the starch changes and gives a different texture to it (it find it gives it a sawdust flavor too) ... Actually the best place is in the bread box if your house is cool

Catsup/ketchup: in or out, but plastic bottles can effect the taste in warm homes

Peanut Butter: stay out (unless it will not be eaten within 6 months)

Syrup/honey: OUT of fridge

Potatoes: never in fridge (cold temps will turn the starch to sugar)

Bananas: never in fridge (there's a chemical reaction with the peel that turns it black, although the fruit itself will be fine for eating)

Onions: don't refrigerate - now see this one surprises me, refrigerating will make the juices thicker so they are less likely to spray in the air when you slice them causing less crying ... perhaps put the onion you are going to use in the fridge the morning you are going to use it but store it on a well ventilated dark area

All this is about TASTE and APPEARANCE more than freshness ...

And dairy?

Yes fridge or freeze meat/eggs/milk (yes you can freeze eggs and milk)

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