Bottom Round Roast

I bought this roast as a stand-by if it turned out the 14# turkey wasn't going to be enough ...

Roundy's/Rainbow had black Angus on sale for $3.48/pound in either stew meat or roast ... I went for the roast because after we get a meal off of it I will be using the rest to can up some homemade stew - better for you than take out and in 20min you know it's safe to eat ...

Average trip to the fast food joint - 30minutes ... And it just down the road from us too!

So here's the recipe:

Bottom roast, 10.73# (yup it was a huge one)
Polish mustard
Roast beef run (don't remember if I have that recipe on here or if it's on my other blog... I'll try to find the link)
Garlic Pepper
Onion powder

Combine about 1 cup of the roast rub with 2 T garlic pepper, 2 T onion powder and about 1&1/2cups polish mustard ...

Rub this all over the outside of your roast

This is a LOT of mass so I turned it on high and let it cook all day (10am - 6pm)

Let set for 15 minutes (or time needed to whip up some mashed taters) before cutting - that's it

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