NOT JUST Another One!

I feel like such a donkey right now .... Only one that doesn't use the nice word for it.... 

See this is what I tend to do .... I comment and THEN I find things out .... Yes, that makes me Shreks side kick ... Big Time!

So here's what I found out ...

If you go to Leann Brown's web page
You will find a link to a FREE PDF on the left hand side ... Yes, it's totally free ... 

It's like the first addition of her cookbook (the one on QVC was more refined/polished) .

You are allowed -- actually encouraged -- to download it.

If however you can afford to either give to her start up drive or wish to purchase a book online, a portion of the cost of the book will go to supply books to those who either do not have Internet connection .... And yes, there is still a LARGE portion of our nation which does not have it ... Or to give copies to schools!

OMGosh .... That's so special!

She has a short video on the site (scroll towards the bottom of her page) you can watch to see the details.

Yes ... I am leaving the original post -- as embarrassing as it is --- at the end of this reporting ...

Call it my penance for typing before I read thoroughly enough .... 

Yes ... I. Am. An. ASS

@$$ @$$ @$$ @$$ @$$ @$$

I  saw another cookbook on QVC today that started life as a blog ... Kind of like this one .... But she has only been blogging for little over a YEAR!!

That's it .... Just a year ... She began in 2014 and she already has a cookbook out there.

The thing that gets me?

Most of the recipes I saw on the show, which are supposed to be in her book ... Are still ON HER SITE!

Maybe it's just sore grapes ... But why can't I write a cook book?

Why can't I make a million bucks from what I do third best?

Crocheting is number one ....

Raising kids, number two .... maybe ...

Oh well.

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