Turnip Greens

I decided to give turnip greens a try in the slow cooker ... Figuring that it would be the perfec candidate since greens generally need to be cooked down to a wilted slime ... Or at least they get that way over regular hat.

For a change, instead of using bacon as flavoring I decided to use breakfast sausage instead - maple flavored sinc I had heard that turnip greens can be quite bitter.

1 bunch turnip greens, washed thoroughly
1 pkg breakfast sausage (about 10-12 per pkg)
1/2 Cup water

1. cook sausage as directed (I prefer the stove top method for flavor). Save the grease!
2. Remove sausage from pan and about 2T of grease/drippings into crockpot and use pastry brush to coat inside of crock ... To prevent sticking.
3. Cut sausage into small bite-sized pieces (no so much to fill the mouth, but big enough so you know what it is)..
Put in cock pot.
4. Rough dry the greens after washing them (you will be shocked at the amount of grime that will come off) ... Remove the stems.
5. Stack several leaves and roll them into a "cigar", then cut them into 1/2inch slices (if the leaves are too big you may have to cut them in half down the length as well.
6. place them in the crock pot and coat with the fat n the crock ... If there snt enough to. Coat you can add a little more fat.
7. Add water.
8. Cover. Cook on high for 1 hr. Or until it wilts.

well - first I forgot to plug in the crock pot ... But I did cook it as I had written above.

There was a definate "plastic" taste to these greens ... YUK.

Not sure what caused it, so I am planning on cooking some more on the stove top in the traditional method to see if the issue could either be (a)heat as a factor (b)time as a factor or (c)just the way they taste as I had never had them before.

taste 1 star
Ease to make 4stars
Would I do it again? 0stars as written now.

This recipe needs some major tweaking ... I hope the family is up to it.
But at $1.29 a bunch it is a cheap experiment and if I have to pitch it out I won't weap over the price ... Ok, the meat I would cry over.

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