Chicken Left Over Stew

Its a chilly day so its good for soup, but I just made chicken breasts last night so I can't see making something that will be making just more left overs ... so why not use yesterday's left-overs for todays soup??  And the best part - since the meat is already cooked, it will be ready to eat as soon as its warm which makes it a nice 'last minute' meal.

Chicken Left-Over Stew
Left over Chicken - in any form, whole, chopped, cubed, shredded
Left over mixed vegetables (I used the frozen kind)
1 1/2 qt broth
~or~ 1 1/2 qt water & 6tsp chicken base (or 5 boullion cubes)
garlic granules, 1 T is what I use
black pepper to taste
1 bay leaf

the beauty of it is that the flavor of the soup will change with the flavoring used on the chicken the day before as well as any on the vegetables.  by keeping the ingredients simple, there is no 'fight' amongst flavors ...

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